FE10 Vibratory Feeders

Advanced Blending Solutions LLC (ABS), a world class manufacturer and supplier of material handling, blending, and controls for the plastics industry, is pleased to introduce the FE10 to their lineup of precise high-end vibratory feeders. The FE10 is designed to run pellet material at an ultra-low rate (0.1-10 pph*). With the capability to run as slow as a single pellet at a time, material can travel without restricting flow or causing additives to bridge. The FE10 can be fitted on a range of ABS gravimetric blenders: SX, S1, S2, S3, SL, SLX, & SL1. All ABS vibratory feeders feature cordless functionality that makes it easy to change out or clean, as well as ensuring that the correct feeder is feeding the correct material.

FE10 Vibratory Feeder Video

* All rates are estimates, Rates will vary based on material type.