Gravimetric Blenders


Customizable Gravimetric Blending Solutions are a Must-Try

Gravimetric Blenders are equipment used in the plastics industry to weigh two or more components. After weighing, the components are mixed for further processing. ABS is a top-notch manufacturer of two types of Gravimetric Blenders: the SL Gravimetric Blender and Simplicity Continuous Gravimetric Blender.

The SL Continuous Loss in Weight blender is a lightweight, compact design with integral weighed downcomers.  It comes with the ability to integrate the Vacuum Sequence Manifolds into the frame and the units can pack significant power and flexibility into a small form.

If you use Simplicity Continuous Gravimetric Blending, there is no need for mechanical mixing. The blenders are easy to install, configure, operate, and maintain.