Control Solutions


Simplicity Series Control Solutions feature PC/PLC-based controls geared toward blending and bulk solids transfer applications. Robust controls feature a variety of graphical interfaces for every application, and controller options can be easily scaled to the application. Controllers offered include both Allen Bradley and Beckhoff Controls.

Simplicity Control Panels

SC Series Simplicity Control Panels come with a variety of controller options, allowing the system to be easily scaled to the application.  PC/PLC controllers are non-proprietary and off-the-shelf, for easy maintenance and integration with any system.  Some models are offered with integrated Graphical Interface. Simplicity Control Panels are scaled to the application, and a simple interface connects to OEM/line supervisory control system.

Graphical Operator Interface panels

Graphical Operator Interface panels can be purchased separately.  Other Operator Interface solutions can be purchased integrated with the SC Controller.

The Tablet Graphical Interface (shown) allows the user to control multiple Simplicity Blenders wirelessly from around the facility.  It features a Tablet handheld interface.  Protective Case and Charging Station come standard.

Software Modules

Software Modules are sold separately, allowing the user to scale the system to the need.  Software Modules can be purchased for

  • Extrusion throughput control either integrated with the continuous blender or as a stand-alone extrusion system
  • Enhancing Smart Distribution Software for use with SMART material distribution system
  • Temperature Control modules for extruder heat/cool zones or die and adapter heat-only zones
  • Customer Software Modules to meet specific needs.
Vacuum Sequence Control Panels

Vacuum Sequence Control Panels provide control for existing Vacuum Receivers to be integrated with ABS controls or with other ABS equipment (Blenders, Storage Bins, etc).  They also provide control for new ABS Vacuum Receivers (shown) added to an existing system without any other ABS equipment.