Industrial Welded Silos & Bolted Silos


ABS offers bolted silos, welded silos, and mixing silos, built to specification.  Welded silos are built off-site and installed, while bolted are built on-site in sections.  Silos can be built to accommodate rotary paddles, levels sensors, proximity switches, material inlets, take-off boxes, manual slidegates, and rotary airlocks, etc.

Material can be vacuum drawn or pressure conveyed into and out of the silo.  Base enclosure with door ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access.

ABS offers a full railcar unload system, and silos can be an integral part of that package.  Material can be conveyed directly from the railcar for storage in the silo.  Silos can also be used with the Variable Frequency Drive to reduce angel hair creation between the railcar and the silo.

Multiple silos can be connected by a catwalk for ease of access, with a secured ladder to prevent unauthorized access.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for your storage needs including bolted silos.