Look for ABS at NPE2024

ABS Unveils Major Innovations at NPE 2024, Boosting Efficiency and Precision for Blending and Drying Solutions

Highlights of the ABS booth at NPE 2024 include:

Improved Blending Solutions:

  • New Extruder-Mounted Simplicity Blender: Offering the same trusted features and performance as our legacy Simplicity Blenders, this new model brings increased stability to the ABS extruder lineup. A lower center of gravity and more balanced weight distribution, coupled with optional doors, provide the best solution for extruder-mounted blending.
  • New Modular Magnet Drawer: This versatile design streamlines the blending process, reducing lead times and offering increased customer options. New high-strength magnets boast a 75% increase in power over previous versions, and high-temperature options expand capabilities by 300F.
  • New Common Material Line Check Valve: Fabricated entirely from stainless steel with FDA-approved wear surfaces, this valve replaces legacy gum rubber options, ensuring superior hygiene and performance.
  • New Blender Work Lights with Smart Status: Providing real-time feedback during setup, calibration, and operation, these intelligent work lights empower operators with valuable process insights.
  • New Vacuum Relief Valve (VRV): ABS VRVs deliver unparalleled precision and control over process air, optimizing pump performance and minimizing noise levels. Their unique design eliminates binding issues for reliable operation and venting, and the compact footprint fits seamlessly into tight spaces within pump assemblies.

Advanced Thoreson McCosh Dryer Technology:

  • New CK Series Dryer Hoppers: Featuring a one-piece design, these hoppers eliminate potential leak points and improve material flow. Enhanced door design, stainless steel construction, and increased thermal insulation further elevate performance and aesthetics. The modular CK framework simplifies installation and offers numerous bolt-on accessories for ultimate customization.
  • TD Series Dryer Improvements: ABS has implemented numerous panel and code updates, enhancing user experience and control. Upgraded regen heater boxes and standard regen power-saving features optimize energy efficiency and process stability.

Additional Innovations:

  • New Color Analyzer: Scheduled for release at NPE 2024, this versatile tool enables precise color measurement from samples or directly on production lines, empowering data-driven color control.
  • New S2 Blender Chassis: New oval design allows for reduced overall blender footprint and improved maintenance access.
  • New Inline Trim and Roll Repelletizer – “The Piranha”: Revolutionize your repelletizing process with the compact and energy-efficient Piranha, tackling both inline trim and trim and roll applications with ease. Its improved screw geometry ensures precise melt temperature control, minimizing bridging risks with its enlarged feed entry. The innovative air pelletizing system guarantees consistent, high-quality pellets, while the large collector chamber facilitates efficient cooling and transportation. Maintaining the Piranha is effortless: easy-access cleaning minimizes downtime, and the no-setup design with minimal maintenance needs maximizes operator convenience. Experience precise cutting with the new dicer cassette and knife blade system, ensuring consistent pellet size. Learn more about the Piranha and how it can elevate your operations at our booth!

Visit ABS at Booth #W4861 and Thoreson McCosh at Booth #W4543 at NPE 2024 to learn more about these groundbreaking innovations and how they can revolutionize your plastics processing operations.

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