Look for ABS at AMI Polyethylene Films 2023

ABS is pleased to be exhibiting at Polyethylene Films 2023

January 31-February 2, 2023 | Orlando, FL.

The polyethylene film business continues to be one of the most dynamic and innovative in the industry, characterized by market growth, resin grade development, and product advances. This event creates the ideal opportunity to bring together attendees from across the global supply chain to discuss business challenges and technical developments in the industry.

Polyethylene films and a sustainable world
The hottest topic in the industry at the moment. This event will bring a focused series of expert presentations which explain how the value chain is meeting the challenges of our modern world where the circular economy demands significant change and adjustment.

The packaging needs of the modern consumer
A focused discussion with industry participants on the needs of modern consumers and what this implies for packaging producers and major brands.

Innovative raw materials and technology
Find out the latest developments in materials and process technology for more productive and profitable film production.

Business structure and organization
Discover how industry players are shifting and adjusting their focus in our ever changing world, including industry viability in an age of growing customers and consolidating supply base. The discussion will leave delegates equipped for growth and successful market engagement with customers.

Visit the AMI Polyethylene Films website for more information.