TranQuility Vacuum Pumps

Advanced Blending Solutions (ABS), is pleased to introduce Tranquility Vacuum Pumps.

When your employees are exposed to harmful noise pollution, the best way to protect them is to control, contain, reduce, or eliminate the noise source versus using personal protective equipment. Prolonged high noise levels can cause discomfort and be distracting to the workforce, creating an unsafe workplace. Or worse yet, cause hearing loss. Most industrial noise is due to machinery operation, quieting the source of that noise directly will often be the most efficient way to reduce exposure.

The solution is the Tranquility Vacuum Pump, precisely designed to reduce noise pollution in the workplace. Tranquility pumps are housed in a premium enclosure and use a quality silencer to maintain a superior operating decibel level. When compared to the standard pump during normal operation, the Tranquility pump has a decibel reduction of by 13.5% and 28% when the vacuum relief valve has been tripped.

Tranquility pump packages all come standard with a Variable Frequency Drive. The Variable Frequency Drive controls the pick-up velocity of the material. This feature reduces angel hair and material degradation, which improves system efficiency.